Monday, April 5, 2010

Elder Cory Horton Letter 4-5-10

Not much time,
Good news though.
April 11th we're baptizing Elwood and Jessica in the Belmont Chapel. I'll probably baptize someone and Elder Walters the other. It's amazing to see them changing. I don't know how much I've said. Elwood is 19, works at a bakery and is way smart. He can really see the blessings of the church and he's way excited. Jessica is so ready, she feels the spirit and knows that this is what she needs to do. She's 16, works way hard, and is hilarious. Her inactive Father even came to a session of Conference "extra," that we weren't expecting. The family is so supportive and it'll be amazing. We also have a date set for Rueben, but we've got to meet with him this week to make sure he's keeping up on reading and praying.

The ward is amazing, three new things I've learned about eating in this ward this week. #1, where there is a gathering of any kind, there will be food. #2 when someone says, "Gustarian comer un poquito?" (would you like eat a little?) they mean a full two course meal. #3 It all tastes good.

I love it here. The work is progressing. We're setting and reaching goals. The Spirit really works in us. I've felt it and I know it's what will change the world.

I love all of you,
more to come next week.

Elder Horton,

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