Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our trip to Utah

Rick and I went to Utah for James' and Liz's graduations and wanted to share some photos from out trip! Deena hosted a baby shower for Liz at her home! Thanks so much for all you and Tom and your family have done for James and Liz over the years! They're so lucky to have lived near you!

This is Liz's sister, Emily with Deena. Emily did the food for the shower and it was DELICIOUS!!
Who are those two guys??!! This is at Liz's graduation ceremony.
Yea, she's a graduate!
This is Liz and her mom, Michelle. Don't they look a lot alike??!!
After the baby shower, we saw a new side of Jake when helium was introduced!! Jen just giggled and giggled!
Liz and some of her friends at the shower! We love you, Amanda!!!
Grandma surprised us and came for the baby shower!! It was good to see her!
Father and son!
James graduated a week before Liz. This is Gma and Gpa Smith who were there too.
It's a BOY!! James and Liz had an ultrasound and it's definitely a boy! Who do you think he looks like?
We did a quick trip up to Rexburg to visit AnnMarie and Andrew. They're stylin' their cowboy boots in this shot!

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  1. Thanks for posting these pictures! It was so much fun to get together!!! Love to all! Deena